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CARPA’s patented 3D printing system called “Megalodon” is a lightweight, elegant cable design that allows for large scale concrete construction with cost reductions of over 50%.

CARPA’s 3D printing system is designed for the grittiness of industrial construction sites. The system is lightweight, making it easy to transport to remote and difficult locations. It is based on technology that has been relied upon in the timber and logging industry for decades. It is robust and able to handle rugged terrain and extreme climates.

CARPA's 3D printing system is also an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional concrete construction as it drastically reduces the wood waste used to build forms and scaffolding. It uses significantly less water and reduces the emissions and costs associated with the transportation of machinery and materials to construction sites.

​CARPA's state of the art technology eliminates boundaries that architects and engineers have been challenged with in the past. It allows designers to work with complex geometric and organic shapes, easily and affordably.

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CARPA’s 3D printing system will change the concrete construction industry making it safer, faster and more economical. With this CARPA aims to address the lack of quality housing in indigenous communities, provide disaster relief for those impacted by natural disasters and meet the demand for seniors housing.

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